Proposed EU directive on Lighting could cripple Theatres & Stage Lighting Industry

The Proposed 2020 EU Lighting Regulations
Overview information prepared by PLASA

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About the proposals

The EU's proposed Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019 will require all stage lighting, including LED, Arc and Tungsten sources, to meet new efficiency standards.

Under the new rules, from September 2020 it will be illegal to supply products which don’t meet the new EU energy standards (including a minimum 85lm/W efficiency and a maximum 0.5W standby power consumption) into the EU. This will directly impact all LED, arc and tungsten lighting fixtures used for entertainment lighting.

No tungsten light bulbs could comply with these regulations. Without the ability to replace bulbs, existing lighting fixtures will, effectively, become scrap. The cost of replacing fixtures could be financially devastating to venues, especially if it also means replacing the connecting dimming and control infrastructure.

Not only this, but some of the standards required by the legislation would be scientifically impossible for manufacturers to achieve in entertainment lighting products. Read here.

Impact to businesses and entertainment venues

Venues, rental companies, and sales operations all have significant sums invested in lighting inventory, which will be devalued by these proposed regulations - the financial impact on the entertainment industry is potentially huge.

For manufacturers, the proposals will mean they will not be able to produce any alternatives that would satisfy the proposed regulations. Read more here.

What do we want?

An exemption for professional entertainment lighting products, in line with exemptions already granted to the video projection industry. Products are already defined by an EU standard, EN60598-2-17, which could form the basis for such an exemption.

More information is available:

What can you do

1. Respond directly to the EU proposals by 7 May 2018. Every individual response will add more weight to the overall response from the industry. A help sheet to do this is available on

2. Spread the word by sharing this on your website, discussing the proposals with others and sharing the #SaveStageLighting hashtag on social media.

3. Make a united statement by adding your name to the list of those publicly calling for an exemption. Please email with your name, company and logo.