What’s it about?     An online festival whereby member groups can submit a short film or image of a creative piece of work which will then be uploaded to a YouTube channel to be viewed by the membership and show cased on our Facebook page.  Members can choose whether their entry is public for all to see or just available to ODN members.  Entry is free. Members will be able to vote for their favourite entries and the festival will culminate in an online gala evening on Friday 5th February, which will be live streamed to the Facebook group where there will be a number of awards made recognising all sorts of achievements.


  • To offer the chance for member groups to work on, and submit a creative piece of work whilst under local ongoing covid restrictions
  • To celebrate and showcase the talents of the Oxfordshire Drama Network
  • To encourage member groups to get together (virtually) to view and enjoy the work of other member groups
  • Bring the membership together in a single online event to celebrate our creative achievements. 
  • Younger members should be encouraged to participate
  • The event will be inclusive and the organisation will offer help and technical advice to any members who need it.

Who can enter?

Member groups of the Oxfordshire Drama Network.  We particularly welcome entries from Youth members.

What Content are we looking for??

We would like entries for the following categories

  • One act plays/pantomimes (20-50mins)
  • Short sketches with 2 or more actors (less than 20 mins)
  • Monologues/Readings (1 actor)
  • Song/Musical act
  • Choreography/Dance/Mime
  • Animation/Puppetry
  • Artistic work - Painting/hand drawn scenery design/Costume design/Prop/Model- to be submitted as a jpeg or pdf image - these will be added as a slide show presentation
  • Retrospective - a montage of images/footage from previous shows (10 mins max)

All should be submitted as an mp4 or .mov film file, except for images of artistic works which should be in JPEG or PDF format.  (If you need any technical help, then contact us - oxforddramanetwork@gmail.com)

Rules of Entry

All entries must conform to the following rules:

Videos must meet standard YouTube rules (see https://www.youtube.com/howyoutubeworks/policies/community-guidelines/)

All submissions must be either:

  • All plays should be out of copyright/Copyright free/Licensed or supported by evidence that the copyright holder has given express permission for the material to be uploaded and viewed publicly.
  • Performances must conform to current social distancing and safe practices guidelines in force at the time of the submission
  • All individuals appearing in the video (either by intent or otherwise) have given their permission for their image to be broadcast to the public

Any films containing younger members under the age of 16 should be noted on the entry form as they will be added to the YouTube site with ‘unlisted’ links circulated to ODN member groups only for viewing purposes and will not be made public.

Music is a tricky area - you should obtain copyright clearance whenever possible - but there are ways to legally use ‘some’ popular music content if it is not for profit (which this festival isn’t) - take a look at the following website for guidance

Can I use copyright music in YouTube Videos - https://www.safemusiclist.com/can-use-copyrighted-music-youtube/er possible - but there are ways to legally use ‘some’ popular music content if it is not for profit (which this festival isn’t) - take a look at the following website for guidanceer possible - but there are ways to legally use ‘some’ popular music content if it is not for profit (which this festival isn’t) - take a look at the following website for guidance

If you are just after some incidental music, then the YouTube Audio Library has a good selection of copyright free tracks (or a credit may be needed)

The festival Committee reserve the right to withhold the submission of any entry if there are concerns that any of the above requirements have not been met

How do you enter?

Download the form from the link at the end of this document and submit it along with a link to a downloadable film or with attached images to oxforddramanetwork@gmail.com by 31st December.  Each group can enter as many times as they like but should complete a form for each entry.  If anyone needs any help with this process, please contact us. 


Once the deadline has passed, the entries will be checked by the committee and uploaded to the ODN YouTube channel and the link shared to members.   We encourage all groups to get together virtually and watch the entries if possible or, in the event that we have a huge amount of entries, watch individually where you can and come together collectively to discuss the entries and vote for your favourites.  It will be a bit like Eurovision style voting - there will be one voting sheet per group - where you will vote for your favourites in each category but, just like Eurovision, you will be unable to vote for your own entry/entries (Sorry!)

The membership will be voting for their favourites in each category, but the committee will bestow certificates for a number of achievements depending on the entries we get but could include things like a ‘comedy moment’, characterisation, technical presentation, originality and Youth awards.  However, it should be said that this is less about awards but more about getting creative and having a go and celebrating what hopefully will be the end of a very difficult time with a video wall of artistic ventures by our talented members.

Votes should be submitted by 31st January 2021

How do you watch the entries as a group?

There are a few ways you can watch the entries as a group - either via a virtual conferencing system like Zoom, Teams or Skype etc where one person can share their screen and play through the YouTube channel entries.  Or you can set up a “Watch Party” and sign up to a free service such as “Watch2gether” (https://w2g.tv) - whereby you set up your own room, copy and paste the YouTube links and invite your members to watch with you and you can communicate with each other via a chat box.

All are very simple to use, though bear in mind that if you are using the free version of Zoom then you have a limit of 40 mins so may have to organise a few sessions.  Again, if you have any difficulties then please get in touch and we will try and help set something up for you.

Gala Night - Friday 5th February

Once the votes have been cast the committee will collate the results and a montage of extracts from all the entries will be put together,  The Gala will be live-streamed via Zoom to the YouTube channel, where we hope that you will all join us (wearing your posh frocks or dress suits with a bottle of champagne on ice!!) as we toast the end of a terrible year and enjoy a reflection of the entries and awards in the style of the Oscars.  We also hope to have an invited guest along but will confirm this nearer the time. 

To Download the Entry FORM, Click Here


Click here to Download application form